Enjoyed seeing @gabrielsherman on @allinwithchris tonight. Keep up the good work. Love the trip destination = “retirement” jab

visited bethesda @pi_dc location. food & service great. up-charge on even substitution in speciality pi policy needs rethinking though

.@chrislhayes they side with the person(a) that they wish they could be. Vicarious. Hope and change in another form.

the @Monoweardesign nato strap for apple watch is very nice @WatchAware, apple’s will be nice as well, but Monowear’s is a winner today

. Shameful that HHMI has not cleared their sidewalks @HHMINEWS I am now a very disgruntled neighbor /cc @BethesdaBeat

does @Textastic support opening from and writing back to without copying files from ios storage providers like Transmit app, OneDrive app?

seems @CVS_Extra seriously has wireless payment terminals that intentionallly reject apple pay. unreal. time to find another pharmacy

interesting - so for families it is @VerizonWireless shared data vs @TMobile data stash. not sure which is better in the end. i want both

this @VerizonWireless “we are leaders not followers”=utter nonsense, no data rollover/stash. always copy good ideas! @tmobile @johnlegere

really? @marcoarment @ejacqui @blam All this over a *#%^% headphone review? Perhaps we are taking ourselves a little too seriously.

have a mac and have to fix an “internet explorer” bug? use embedded @jsfiddle result URL in @browserstack screenshot function FTW

Thanks to @mcelhearn @TakeControl @launchbar book I am almost mouse free. Next up vim. Recs for books or other to get going with vim?

New @icebreakernz store in Bethesda is great. New hat and base layers. Especially on a sub freezing day like today. /cc @BethesdaNow

having problem with @pilotmoon dropshelf in mavericks. just hangs when drop file out and into finder. just me?

Big fan of @arqbackup and want to use @Fil osync but need a good notes/text editor iOS app that can use it as backend. Thoughts?

Agreed Fair to a fault RT @MikeGrunwald For Beltway consensus fetishizers like @ron_fournier existence of dispute is proof both R+D at fault

Was excited to read about @backblaze mobile app until I read answer to last FAQ. Major weak it will not work for properly secured backups

Great @strangeloop_stl Disruptor workshop by @trisha_gee. Elevator pitch: “a better faster non-blocking bounded queue”

>> @ravisorg: Let me summarize: Once again banks hire consultants who “know all about that security stuff”. Once again their security fai…

I definitely am. The AT&T FaceTime nonsense sealed it >> @shawnblanc: Might be switching to Verizon.

First time in IAD United C terminal. What a pit. Decor circa 1980. Remind me to fly @VirginAmerica next time to LAX

Told @att to disable all SMS. Finally free of larcenous SMS text msg plans (20¢ each/ 20$ month) Instead combo iMessage + @GoogleVoice FTW

Probably not the best idea to watch Contagion in the middle of my DCA to PHX 8h travel day. Must. wash. hands…

Would like to hear the @nest position on the cycling described by Marco. I have a nest and no C wire and am not happy to learn this

Amazed at how poor the www experience is on the @IEEEorg + @TheOfficialACM sites. renewal continues to #fail #ironic

enjoyed the sparring btw @droz and @garytaubes. nothing resolved but at least the dr is listening. i’m with gary

use lion mail for a while, but back to @sparrowmailapp, mail doesn’t quite handle gmail archive/drafts/all mail properly

fantastic @siracusa lion review via kindle - “launchpad is easily ignored. turn off gesture, deactivate… you’ll never have to see it” - done

velocityconf day 1. Enjoyed stats talk. Other “workshops” left much to be desired. Like too big, bad sound, no hands on. Tom a new day.

Dropbox Security @brooksreview client side performance reason is red herring. can be easily and very highly optimized

10 minutes later return to car, Rapper’s Delight still playing on XM Old-School station, appears this is the extended mix ;-)

visited first @bass_pro_shops last night. boats, clothes, guns, bows, knives, rods, live fish and snakes all under one roof. bizarre.

trying to renew @TheOfficialACM and they want me to email credit card number. huh? wtf? is this a test? #fail

got my @tombihn Ristretto for iPad. top notch. perfect size. nirvana of lightweight laptop-less travel may have arrived ;-)

like the new @Gary_Fisher bikes. are new montare and mendota models avail now? can you help with few tips on how to choose between them?

Don’t give devs turn-by-turn directions, instead tell them the destination and let them decide/recommend the route themselves #software

Monitoring: look for evidence of success, absence means failure. Never look for failure directly. Too many ways to fail #software

by the way totally love DRM free epubs from @OReillyMedia @timoreilly. Like @amazonmp3 vs @appleitunes I will always shop DRM free

Finished Daniel Suarez’s daemon and freedom books. Good stuff. Must read both. Really is just one long single book.

ordered 3 ebooks during the @OReillyMedia @timoreilly $9.99 promo yesterday. 24 hrs later still no ebook for me to download. #fail

Schwarzenegger @ Emory: I was going to give a graduation speech in AZ, but with my accent, I was afraid they would try to deport me

quartermain coffee bethesda md, great latte, but add-ons way too expensive: soy +.85, vanilla +.85. 40% more $ than starbucks.

briefcase for iphone by @heymac is fantastic. secure and works. would like to see ssh public key support added though.

spent the evening looking for a better mac money manager. in the end staying with @moneydance. not prettiest, but it “just works”.

promo code for free gogo wifi on american airlines. resuse > 1 via new email address. enjoy. “1939admiral70aa”

diy caulking bathroom tub is painful. everytime you try to make it smoother better you always make it look worse #cantwin

Great healthcare speech by Obama tonight. Makes me proud. The clapping and stand or not stand theatre I could without.

extremely disappointed and p*ssed to find out SIGG has BPA in the bottles we bought. In the trash they go. Klean Kanteen order on the way

Agree with Prez – Obama has refused to retract statement questioning police arrest of college professor. (via @BreakingNews)

Dogfishhead 120 minute. Nice. Whopping 18% abv. Too sweet to drink >1, thankfully. $11 per 12oz @ whole foods.

Im so sick of people telling me how stupid Facebook is then taking my iphone FB app and browsing info and photos of our friends for 30m :-(

replaced microsoft wireless mouse with logitech. generally like then both ==, but for wireless go with logitech

another #fail shopping at staples (11542) $99 item in empty box. mgr with keys too busy to get items for everyone. #lostsale

the packaging for ms office is absolutely ridiculous. all that nonsense for a freakin’ CDROM. why can I not just buy key online + download?

It makes no sense that staples is “out” of adobe acrobat upgrade. it’s nothing more than a box with a CD inside. need burn-on-demand

why does staples make it so hard to spend my $? boxes of empty software, mgr enter secret code if over $500, took me 20 mins to buy 3 items

interesting contrast btw @jboner and @purgedanger talks today. too many gotchas point to using a gotcha-free alternative for concurrency.

Enjoyed talk this morning by @jboner Well done explanation of alternative concurrency constructs. lots for the todo list

Apple genius replaced battery, almost paid for the apple care, although I did have to wait 1hr past sched appt

javaone food: wanted sentinel lunch. jet lagged so tried to eat @10:30 no dice. no lunch until 11:30 settled on chipolte. thesentinelsf.com

thought the multicore panel talk at #communityone was terrible today. solid panel, moderator not good. too much amd sales, not much content.

bought a beer at a convenience store and was asked “are you 21?” - who would answer that question with anything other than “yes”?

IAD -> SFO, tweet from 30,000 feet via Virgin GoGo wireless. 2.3 MBps down, .28 MBps up, 100ms ping. Nice.

new #music: steve martin, crow; grizzly bear, veckatimest; panderers, hotshot’s boy & mucho diggo; lucky thompson, NYC 1964

FYI, talking on phone while in line to board plane makes u look suspicious to the TSA random search peeps, they think u trying to avoid them